Cataract Treatment Options In 2021

Cataracts are when your eyes cloud up in the lens and make images begin to look blurred or fuzzy. It’s common to be affected by cataracts as we age, but cataracts can also be caused by diabetes or can be present at birth. Your doctors at Brandon Eye Associates in Sun City, Plant City, and Brandon, FL, can help recommend the best forms of treatment for your cataracts and can help you live without fuzzy vision.

How Cataracts Are Treated

When you can no longer clear your sight with prescription glasses, it might be time to talk to your doctors in Sun City, Plant City, and Brandon, FL, about how to treat your cataracts. The most common way for your eye doctor to help treat your cataracts and help unblur your vision is through cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is usually recommended once your cataracts begin to affect your daily life and stop you from participating in daily activities such as reading or even driving at night.

Cataract surgery is fairly quick and is done on an outpatient basis, which means that you will get to go home that same day! Your eye doctor will remove the clouded lens and replace it with an artificial lens that will help clear up your vision and help you see the world without a layer of haze. You may feel slight discomfort after the surgery, but your eyes will usually heal within eight weeks and discomfort will fade, leaving you feeling comfortable once again.

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