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Has your physician said you need retinal eye treatment? At Brandon Eye Associates, your team of eight board-certified Ophthalmologists retinaperform state of the art retinal surgeries right in the office in Brandon, Plant City and Sun City, FL. Your eye doctor knows eye anatomy well and has the diagnostic and surgical skill to return your eye to complete health and function. Learn more here about the retina, retinal conditions and how your sight can be preserved.

No small thing

After all, it's your eyesight, and if diabetes, injury or advanced age has threatened it, you need to act immediately. Your eye doctor urges you to report any vision changes immediately, particularly if you are diabetic or if you have sustained an injury to the face or head.

While the eye is a small sensory organ, its structure is amazingly complex, with each part being indispensable to clear vision that lasts a lifetime. At the back of the eye, the highly vascularized retina receives the countless images which flood your eyes each and every day. It helps transmit those images through the optic nerve to the brain which interprets or makes sense, of them.

Without a healthy retina, what you see changes dramatically, with the primary symptom being flashes of light and floaters, says the National Eye Institute. Floaters resemble thin black threads or specks, and they randomly move across the field of vision. These symptoms of retinal detachment can run in families and also plague people who are very nearsighted, particularly as age advances.

Besides retinal detachment, something else can happen to the retina if you are diabetic. Called diabetic retinopathy, this common condition causes extra blood vessels to grow within the eye, or existing blood vessels may become distorted and blocked, seriously damaging eye structure and the ability to see.

Treatment for your retina

If you are diagnosed with retinal detachment or diabetic retinopathy, Brandon Eye Associates offers customized treatment plans to address these issues and resolve them successfully. Your eye surgeons offer:

  • Schlera buckle surgery to support the back of the eye
  • Cryosurgery (freezing to put the retina back in place)
  • Pneumatic retinopexy in which a gas bubble helps to reattach the retina
  • Photocoagulation, to seal the retina to surrounding tissue
  • Grid and focal laser surgery

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