What Are Some Possible Symptoms of Retinal Problems?

Every aspect of your eye's anatomy is very important as they work in tandem to allow you to see. Of these, your retina plays a key role in your vision and eye health, some of the most commonly asked questions will be addressed below, but if you would like to learn more you can reach out to your local Brandon, Plant City, and Sun City, FL, eye health experts of Brandon Eye Associates.

What Is the Retina?

The retina is the tissue that lines the back of your eyes, and it has a very specialized function. It receives light and converts it into a neural signal which is sent via the optic nerve to the brain, which in turn interprets this signal as an image. As a way of explaining it, the retina is often likened to the film on a camera, although a digital sensor would be the modern metaphor.

How Can the Retina Become Damaged?

The retina is normally protected because of its location at the back of your eye, but the tissue is very delicate and can become damaged. Damage can occur due to trauma, aging, and other health conditions. Damage can come in the form of holes, tears, and detachment.

Conditions like diabetes and hypertension can affect the retina because of their effect on blood flow and other issues, diabetic retinopathy is an unfortunately common problem for people with diabetes.

What Are Some Possible Symptoms of Retinal Problems?

There are a variety of possible symptoms that could signal a problem with your retina, of these some of the most common include double vision, distorted or dimmed vision, new floaters, and peripheral vision loss, to name only a few. If you do experience these symptoms it's important to seek a professional opinion.

How to Prevent Retinal Conditions?

Although some of the possible retinal problems you could face are out of your control you can improve your chances and improve your overall health with a healthy diet and avoiding bad habits like smoking. To directly take care of your eyes remember to wear sunglasses in the sun and protective eyewear when necessary.

Regular checkups with your eye care professionals can help you prevent complications but also allows your doctor to detect and treat potential problems early.

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