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The Doctors at Brandon Eye Associates Use Their Hearts to Help Care for Your Eyes

As with any medical check-up or treatment, the provider that you're dealing with makes a huge difference in how comfortable you feel visiting their office. Unfortunately, many people have experienced the unpleasantness of an overly-clinical doctor's visit, where they leave the office with the impression that the practitioner didn't really care too much about his or her patients; like they were just another file name or case number.

At Brandon Eye Associates, that attitude couldn't be further from the truth. In addition to being lauded, board-certified physicians at the height of their careers, your Brandon, Sun City Center and Plant City Ophthalmologists are caring healthcare providers whose main priority is the safety and overall well-being of their patients. Taking care of eye care needs is just one aspect of the service they provide - they are equally committed to educating their patients on advances in the field of ophthalmology and making sure they are well-informed on how to facilitate ongoing personal eye health and maintenance.

What to Expect During Your Visit

In addition to our well-respected, board-certified eye doctors and surgeons, our offices have 28 examination rooms, an onsite surgical room and optical center. You can expect to be greeted by a warm, friendly and highly knowledgeable staff, followed by a thorough examination and discussion with your ophthalmologist. Services that our eye doctors are able to provide include treatments for diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, cataract surgery, posterior capsular haze, glaucoma, eyelid surgery and dry eyes. The surgery room also allows procedures such as eyelid procedures to be performed on site. Each surgical procedure and exam is conducted with the latest high-tech medical equipment, ensuring that you receive the best physical, emotional and medical care while you're in our charge.

Providing Top Notch Eye Care to Brandon, Plant City and Sun City Center

Brandon Eye Associates Brandon location isn't the only office where our patients can receive some of the highest quality eye care in the Florida region. Our Plant City and Sun City Center locations offer the same level of professionalism, knowledge and caring attitude to all of our patients. Our doctors are committed to making themselves available in a location that is geographically desireable to our patients.

There's no question that good eye health is optimal to a person's overall well-being. It's important to entrust the care of your eyes to well-educated, knowledgeable, skilled and caring health professionals whose main concern is providing top-notch, effective service. At our Brandon, Plant City practices, our goal is to make sure that when you leave our offices, you get high quality care and experience a caring atmosphere as well. For us, that's not just good customer service, it's also one of our most important guiding principles. Our eye doctors provide quality care and treatment for:

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