When Is When Is Eye Surgery Needed?

Your doctor, in just about every field, will typically suggest a variety of treatments before prescribing surgery. It's often the same when dealing with eye problems, but because of how delicate your eyes are when surgery is needed it is usually to prevent complications or to provide a long-term solution to vision issues. Some of the most common types of eye surgery will be discussed below, but to become much more informed you can reach out to our eye doctors at Brandon Eye Associates in Brandon, Plant City, and Sun City, FL.


Cataracts form a dense cloudy area in the lens of the eye leading to blurry vision in the beginning, but can cause blindness if left untreated and becomes more difficult to correct after time. Our eye doctors may suggest surgery to treat your cataracts if they begin to impede your everyday activities.


Glaucoma is another condition that can eventually lead to vision loss, it is characterized by drainage problems within the eye's structure. Conservative procedures are usually first attempted, but surgery may be needed to drain excess fluid.

Eye Surgery in Brandon, Plant City, and Sun City, FL

Other types of eye conditions that could benefit from surgery include retina detachment, and eyelid surgery to correct related problems. To determine whether you need surgery you should first begin with a consultation.

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