• Why You Should Get a Glaucoma Screening
    The eye is delicate and when there are certain issues, it’s important that they’re dealt with as soon as possible. One common issue is known as glaucoma. This happens when Read more
  • The Importance of Eye Exams for Glaucoma
    Be proactive in your visual health with annual glaucoma exams with the eye doctors at Brandon Eye Associates in Sun City Center, Brandon, and Plant City, FL. What Are Annual Glaucoma Read more
  • When Is When Is Eye Surgery Needed?
    Your doctor, in just about every field, will typically suggest a variety of treatments before prescribing surgery. It's often the same when dealing with eye problems, but because of how Read more
  • Don’t Delay Treatment for Glaucoma
    Whenever you see your eye doctor for your yearly eye exam, one test that you’ll always get is for glaucoma. Glaucoma occurs when there’s increased intraocular pressure (IOP) caused by Read more
  • Glaucoma Frequently Asked Questions
    At Brandon Eye Associates, our team of doctors and associates are ready to answer your questions about glaucoma. We serve Brandon, Plant City, FL, along with Sun City, FL, and Read more
  • Know the Signs of Glaucoma
    More than 3 million Americans have glaucoma, according to the Bright Focus Foundation. Could you be one of them? Understanding the signs and symptoms of the sight-stealing disease and visiting Read more
  • Are You Dealing with Glaucoma?
    Protect your eyes against the long-term damage of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disease of the eye that can result in vision loss due to optic nerve damage. While there are many Read more
  • What is Glaucoma?
    According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in people over 60. However, glaucoma is a treatable condition with help from your ophthalmologist and Read more

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