• Reasons for Eye Surgery
    Being visually challenged, whether due to poor eyesight or conditions like glaucoma, can be a frustrating and concerning thing to deal with. However, eye surgery can help you improve your Read more
  • Early Signs of a Cataract
    Not sure if a change in your vision could be caused by a cataract? The eye doctors at Brandon Eye Associates in Plant City and Brandon, FL, share early cataract Read more
  • Contact Lenses
    Contact Lenses   There are contact lenses available to target specific eye problems such as dry eyes, astigmatism, difficulty reading, and eye diseases. We are focused on taking the time to give Read more
  • Welcome!
    Brandon Eye Associates would like to welcome you to our blog. Here you will find informative and useful postings about your health and our practice. At Brandon Eye Associates, we believe Read more

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