• The Importance of Eye Exams for Glaucoma
    Be proactive in your visual health with annual glaucoma exams with the eye doctors at Brandon Eye Associates in Sun City Center, Brandon, and Plant City, FL. What Are Annual Glaucoma Read more
  • Treatment for Dry Eyes
    How your eye doctors in Brandon, Plant City, and Sun City, FL, can treat dry eyes Dry eyes can be irritating, painful, and red. You may have tried over-the-counter eye drops, Read more
  • When Is When Is Eye Surgery Needed?
    Your doctor, in just about every field, will typically suggest a variety of treatments before prescribing surgery. It's often the same when dealing with eye problems, but because of how Read more
  • Retina Conditions and Treatments
    The retina is a thin layer of light-sensitive membrane that runs along the back of your eyeball. The retina is near the optic nerve, and its primary function is to Read more
  • The Importance of Regular Eye Doctor Visits
    How regular visits to your eye doctors in Brandon, Plant City, and Sun City, FL, can help protect your vision When you see well, you can enjoy life more. Great vision Read more
  • What You Need To Know About Cataracts
    Get the facts about this common vision problem and how to treat it. Noticing that your vision seems hazy or cloudy? Any vision changes should be evaluated by our qualified eye Read more
  • Don’t Delay Treatment for Glaucoma
    Whenever you see your eye doctor for your yearly eye exam, one test that you’ll always get is for glaucoma. Glaucoma occurs when there’s increased intraocular pressure (IOP) caused by Read more
  • What Are Some Possible Symptoms of Retinal Problems?
    Every aspect of your eye's anatomy is very important as they work in tandem to allow you to see. Of these, your retina plays a key role in your vision Read more
  • Glaucoma Frequently Asked Questions
    At Brandon Eye Associates, our team of doctors and associates are ready to answer your questions about glaucoma. We serve Brandon, Plant City, FL, along with Sun City, FL, and Read more
  • When Eye Surgery is needed?
    Brandon Eye Associates has convenient locations in Brandon, FL, Sun City, FL, and Plant City, FL, for all your eye care needs. We can treat everyone in the family and Read more
  • Cataract Treatment Options In 2021
    Cataracts are when your eyes cloud up in the lens and make images begin to look blurred or fuzzy. It’s common to be affected by cataracts as we age, but Read more
  • Treatment for Dry Eyes
    Dealing with dry eyes? Here’s how to get this problem under control. With more and more people spending time in front of a screen these days, our Brandon, Plant City, and Read more
  • Complications Related to the Retina
    It’s important to catch retinal conditions and problems early to prevent vision loss. The retina is a layer of tissue in the back of the eye that processes light and Read more
  • Do You Need Eyelid Surgery?
    Do You Need Eyelid Surgery? Eyelids provide valuable protection for our eyes, but as we age they can start to stretch and droop, impacting your vision, causing discomfort, and aging your Read more
  • Know the Signs of Glaucoma
    More than 3 million Americans have glaucoma, according to the Bright Focus Foundation. Could you be one of them? Understanding the signs and symptoms of the sight-stealing disease and visiting Read more
  • Cataracts: Symptoms, Causes, Tests, and Treatments
    A cataract is a condition in which cloudiness develops in the lens of the eye. The function of the lens is to focus light and produce clear images so you Read more

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